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“A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump”  

is a powerful book that examines the fate of American democracy and its survival against the backdrop of millions of people who are so easily misled by manipulative social media and conspiracy theories so that they live in an airtight sealed bubble of false information which is devoid of any reality. 

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“A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump”

In the book, A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump the author Aron Govil, (Pen Name: Arun K. Govil) enumerates various reasons for this dumbing down of America, including, The Dunning Kruger effect, for why a certain part of the country’s population has developed a Sheep Mentality and become more susceptible to be influenced by certain news outlets, fake social media posts and racially divisive rhetoric. Psychologists Justin Kruger and David Dunning explained in their research that people who lack critical thinking abilities, have a blind spot that makes them overestimate their knowledge, especially in those areas which are alien to them.

The book, A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump goes into great detail as to how people form their political opinions and what social and economic factors have the greatest impact on their beliefs. The book also details which factors miraculously saved our democracy despite an all out effort by Trump to steal the 2020 election and what safeguards can be added against the dangers posed to American democracy by ignorant voters. 

           BOOK REVIEW  By: "Online Book Club"

"Based on everything we have witnessed from 2017 till now, one has to wonder why and how the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, made it into power. This is one key question that Arun K. Govil attempts to answer in his book, A Nation Of Sheep Will Believe A Trump. In this book, Arun gives us an in-depth look into not just the sheep mentality that has seen a lot of people follow without question, but he also takes us through certain elements that were manipulated by Trump, including the media, education, and even racial issues and differences, leading up to the dreadful January 6, 2021, when the United States democracy was threatened. I would say that this was an intriguing read for me, and I found this book enlightening in many ways. While much of the book is based on how Trump rose to power and his mission to destroy democracy, it points out a lot of scary, relevant issues that have to be dealt with if we are to live in a peaceful world where everyone's voice matters. From trying to discredit voting results and dishing out false information through Fox News and social media platforms to his gross mishandling of police brutality by criticizing peaceful protesters, especially in the heat of the George Floyd case, and egging violent white supremacists on, the book raises a lot of thought-provoking questions around why he still had the massive support he had..

               BOOK REVIEW  By: "KIRKUS"

"The debut author Govil offers an account of how, as a “patriotic citizen,” he became increasingly dismayed by the actions of the president and what he calls the “sheep mentality” of his followers. This disheartening trend in American politics became increasingly frightening in the weeks leading up to the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, he says, drawing detailed parallels between Trump’s actions and those that led to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. The book lays additional blame at the feet of the media; it curiously ignores Trump’s preferred news networks, One America News Network and Newsmax, but makes a straightforward case that Fox News has disseminated patently false stories. He also highlights how social media algorithms prioritize posts that generate replies and retweets, regardless of their veracity. Racism also plays a central role in Govil’s analysis, and he creates a convincing narrative of the ways in which Trump personally fostered a “racial divide,” from his leadership of the “ ‘birther’ movement” during Barack Obama’s presidency to his flirtation with rhetoric deployed by racists who advocate a “great replacement” theory of “white genocide.” The author concludes with a chapter on practical reforms that he hopes will protect democracy and combat the “spread of misinformation.” Overall, the book succeeds in its objectives to connect Trump with racist theories, misinformation, and antidemocratic movements"


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A Nation Of Sheep will believe a Trump



“A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump” is a book that analyses how and why a certain part of the country's population has developed a Sheep Mentality and has lost its critical thinking ability, which allows them to be easily misled by manipulative social media. 

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A Nation Of Sheep will believe a Trump



“A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump” is a book that analyses how and why a certain part of the country's population has developed a Sheep Mentality and has lost its critical thinking ability, which allows them to be easily misled by manipulative social media.  

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